This week from Casey a Sunday stroll around station and renovations

Sunday strolling

When the sun is shining and the wind has taken a break, what better way to spend a few hours on a Sunday than strolling around station recreation area. Thanks to the relatively generous station Recreation Limits, you can find yourself free from the hum of Cat 3306 gensets and the sight of station buildings, only the sound of ice and snow under foot can be heard, and the wonderful sunlight casting its golden rays over the bergs can be seen.

Now that the days are starting to get longer there is an internal sense of relief knowing that the sun is coming back, however the winter has produced some of the most incredible skies, a full day of sunlight will be a welcome addition to the tail end of the season.

Sebastian Szymanski, Station Mechanical Supervisor

Wallowing in our accomplishment

A major project this winter season was to complete the Red Shed Wallow renovations. With the summer season being about outside projects where you can bask in the sun with the 24hrs light and balmy positive temperatures, winter is where inside work is a must.

The renovations have been going on for over 3 winter seasons, and all the hard work from those seasons have resulted in a fantastic living space. If you’re not sure, the Wallow is basically your home lounge area. A place to sit, relax, socialise and plan the next trip off station.

A struggle at times with the average commute to work 30 seconds, the smoko bar 10 meters away, and the nearest pub 20 meters, but with true grit and determination, the guys got the job done.

With the guidance from the team in Kingston, the expert skills and talent of the trade’s team, and not to mention the special interior design consultancy of Jimmy, I believe we can be proud of what was a truly team effort. All we need now is some furniture!

Glen Pretious, Building Services Supervisor/Carpenter