We let you in on our Sunday secret

Doughs & Bros

Sleeping in on a Sunday morning (typically your only sleep in for the week) is a joyous and memorable moment for all expeditioners who've headed south for the long winter.

Often you stir in the half awake, half dream state, occasionally with a dull throb of the head and a full bladder and find yourself wondering, could this truly get any better? When in that blissful state the answer is clearly no, no it can’t. But there are people on this earth who will pause, and think, and say, but what if it could? What could possibly be done to improve a Sunday morning sleep in in Antarctica, for surely there is no answer! UNTIL NOW!!!


Wake up from your delightful sleep in, a little hungry, a little sleepy and WHAM! Hot jam and chocolate doughnuts!!! Pancakes!!! Pikelets!!! Banana breads!!! Pizzas!!! All for the taking and all for free. A simple thank you is all the humble cooks at Doughs & Bros ask.

Keep your eyes open in your local town for pop up shops, travelling trailers and franchise opportunities.

Dan Dardha, Casey Plumber