Hydroponic happenings and never a dull moment at Casey this week

Fresh vegetables from the icy continent

On each of our stations we have the ability to grow lovely fresh vegetables in our Hydroponics facility.

Our chef Hermann uses them to great effect. When the first tomato or cucumber is turned into a fantastic salad, the assault on the tastebuds is unbelievable.

Even with all of the amazing meals that are prepared every day, nothing beats the flavour of fresh food that has just been picked.

Rodney McCulloch, Casey Plumber

Never a dull moment

In the last two months we have managed to stay busy at Casey, all be it with the least amount of daylight for the year.

We started with the infamous midwinter swim, followed by the 'Splendour in the Snow' music concert and an inter station darts competition over the course of three weeks.

There was an overnight work trip to Wilkes hut, with the work being the easy bit, the hard bit getting into the hut! Throw in a Monday slushy, our rostered kitchen duty, where the slushies show off their culinary skills while the chef has a day off, and finish off with a farewell dinner for the Wilkins aerodrome crew.

With only a couple of months left of the winter season and the sun reaching new heights I can only see the pace here at Casey accelerating.

Wayne Bruce, Casey Boilermaker