This week at Casey we have musings from a hut and a peek at Midwinters

Musings from an old hut

Who’s up for a night at the Hilton?
At Casey we have a hut called the Hilton. For me it feels like home. It is spacious, has central heating, wooden floors, historically decorated and you can turn up for free!
Can you think of a more welcoming place?
It is a little rough around the edges. Nothing is plumb or straight, the floors are cold and splintered but it has a warm fire, space, and walls that have heard so many tall stories and lies that they are starting to warp.
The Hilton is an old signals hut from another time and another way of life. It has seen many blizzards, a thousand expeditioners, and hundreds of wood-fired pizzas burnt to an inch of inedibility.
As I sit here in the Hilton, I cannot help but feel at home. A place to break routine, tell more stories and just relax in a hut that has so much history.
Six friends in the middle of an Antarctic Winter, sharing a wood fired pizza, a home brew and an old hut.
This is our “Hilton”.

Bill Santalab, Station Fitter & Turner

A look ahead at Midwinters

This Sunday is of course Midwinters Day / Winter Solstice and on station a cause for much celebration.

Our invitation has been sent – all Icynews readers are invited of course!

We’re expecting snow and wind so make sure you dress warmly….They’re down on the sea ice cutting the swimming hole for the Midwinters dip as I write – in a wind chill of minus 41.3°C!