This week at Casey we look at the current hair styles expeditioners are wearing and see some of the winter sights

Hairy times

Over the many years of Antarctic Exploration, one thing keeps coming back year after year. Facial hair!

From the days of Mawson, Amundsen and Scott, the growing of beards and moustaches goes hand in hand with being down here.

Whether it’s a thin and wispy moustache, right up to a full blown mutton-chop, the styles come and go with the seasons.

Some of our guys have grown fantastic specimens since their training days in Hobart - and some have still got a way to go.

Plus those beards aren’t just there to look good, they serve an important role in the prevention of frostbite.

Rodney McCulloch, Plumber

Winter station life

Antarctica is a beautiful place. Every day you look outside it is like looking at a picture from a National Geographic book.

Here at Casey you get some of the most unreal looking sunsets and sunrises ever seen. When it’s not cloudy and windy you get some of the most spectacular nights too. If you’re lucky you can have an Aurora Australis and the fabulous Milky Way on the same night.

But the most impressive thing about living here at Casey is the people. They are awesome to work and live with and are always willing to help out.