This week at Casey we take advantage of a perfect sunset, update you on Relay For Life and visit Wayne's world.

How time flies

It’s fairly incredible to sit back and realise we are over half way through our stay on this amazing continent. It’s hard to figure out where the time has gone. As you keep busy with station life you don’t realise how fast the weeks tick by and soon enough we will be back home with friends and family.

But the journey is not over yet, with so much more to see and do before the darkness sets in and that plane arrives. With how fast the environment and weather changes you realise how important it is to stop and absorb the moment and enjoy the amazing sites before you no longer can.

With the sun seemingly setting in a different spot every night and the working hours closing in, Will ‘the mullet’ Holstein and I took the chance to enjoy one of the amazing sunsets this beautiful place has to offer.

Nathan Earl, Casey Electrician

Relay For Life Update

The total raised is still increasing slowly as we’re still raising money for the Relay For Life even though the event is over, which is fantastic.

This week we’re featuring some of the photos taken through the night shifts during the event. These were chilly but you can tell by our faces how much we were still enjoying ourselves.

My Antarctic journey

My Antarctic journey began two years ago when I was looking for a different field in the art of boiler-making. So I retired the hard hat and left the construction industry for the white rolling hills of Antarctica. What a great decision!

I was fortunate enough to be selected for a winter role at Casey station which is a full year. Workwise I think I have the best job on station as I work with all the other Trades yet without the responsibility of being on call.

At the moment on station it’s birthday party central. Just having had Glenn’s 50th followed by Duncans 50th this week, we then celebrate Will’s, Natasha’s, Dave’s, Justin’s, Tom’s and Dane’s within a month. Now that’s great for all of us on station except for Hermann (Chef) who makes the cake of your choice. Bye for now just going to cardio room, have to work off the cakes.

Wayne Bruce, Boilermaker