Casey is all about it’s people this week

The people you meet

It was around this time last year, at the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) Selection Centre in Kingston, where my journey began. It was here that I met the first of many extraordinary and talented people that are now Antarctic expeditioners.

It was clear from the beginning that the AAD was committed to recruiting special people for their programs in Antarctica and on the mainland.

It is for this that I am grateful, as this process has led me to meet many more extraordinary and talented people and allowed me to enjoy my experience here at Casey station.

From the first day of training until now, which coincidentally is approximately half way through our 73rd ANARE (Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition) stint, it was evident that I was privileged to be involved with the AAD and its program.

It seems evident, in my view, that the people and the experiences we enjoy with them that make this journey an enjoyable one. So, it is from all the incredibly skilled tradespeople, technicians, scientists, professionals and administrators, whether they be new bloods or seasoned expeditioners, larger than life characters or amused onlookers, pace setters or quiet achievers, that I draw inspiration from when penning this Icy News article.

With summer well and truly over, mid-winter and another six months to come (with the aid of some “social minus the distancing” activities), I’m sure that I and all of my fellow expeditioners can continue to build on and enjoy what has already been the experience of a lifetime.

Peter Mackle, Casey Electrician

We're on Casey time

And so it came to be that another week had passed by at Casey station. The shortening daylight hours providing great photo opportunities with the ever-changing light conditions, but serving as a reminder to the Casey population that the midwinter solstice was soon approaching.

All the parts that make up a station seemed to just happen proving yet again that when everyone does their part things flow smoothly. The taps kept flowing thanks to our station plumbers, the lights stayed on thanks to our station electricians, the clouds were watched thanks to our BoM team, the generators kept running thanks to the mechanical team, everyone was well fed thanks to our chef Hermann, Rover was well looked after and so on and so forth. One can only hope that the next week passes by just as smoothly.