Expeditioners lap up the warmer weather

Summer and new expeditioners have arrived at Casey

Greetings all from a sun-spoilt Casey research station!

As we hit our first month on station, we continue to be blessed with some incredibly consistent summer weather. It’s literally been four weeks of brilliant blue sky days coupled with endless sunshine and windless days. Whilst I’m told this gloriously consistent summer weather is an anomaly for Casey, it is turning into the ‘new normal’ and is starting to give weight to Casey Station being re-christened the true ‘Riviera of the South’ (sorry Davis).

Since our last update, we’ve seen the arrival of more new faces and cargo via our Wilkins airlink. Our station population hits 60 expeditioners on Saturday, with the arrival of the final flight before Christmas.

Around station, everyone has found a good summer rhythm as we continue to progress our station maintenance and project works. In between work, various members of the expedition team have been undertaking a range of training activities, including survival training, vehicle driver training, and emergency response training. The great weather has also lent itself to a range of recreation opportunities, with plenty of skiing, walking, and field hut visits.

It’s shaping up to be a great summer!

Kyle - Station Leader