Our winter chef reflects on the summer

What’s been cooking at Casey

Well, it’s hard to believe that our magic summer is already coming to an end here at Casey. The new friendships, the camaraderie that evolved amongst us over the last 4 months, the amazing weather we had all summer, the trips we had to endure in this most special place — all magic.

Apparently the food was pretty good too. Thanks to Dom Hall our most seasoned culinary expeditioner and cooking photographer with 4 seasons at Casey under his apron; Tim Scott our new kid on the block and myself, looking forward to my first winter down under from Down Under. Shall try to keep up the good work guys! One more bloke deserves to be mentioned, our volunteer baker Macca, who sneaks into the kitchen almost every morning and knocks up darn good bread (even a pink heart shaped loaf on Valentine’s Day!) before he trots of to his real job driving the big toys and diggers all day. Thanks Macca!

My fondest memories are always from Christmas time. With Dom taking care of the seafood and cold dishes, Tim doing the hot dishes, and I picked the desserts and cookies. I reckon that was the easy one with all the volunteering elfs helping me to knock out a few hundred cookies, gingerbread house, croquembouche and some other things. Thank you all again for your enthusiasm and contributions: Tanya, Lauren, Anne, Jane, Charmaine, Lee, Brad, Rod and Nigel (yes, even some tradies have that soft touch to roll delicate Vanillekipferl and cut and decorate fancy cookies despite having fingers like sausage rolls). And with the resupply delayed, the Casey team actually got to experience a “real” Christmas atmosphere.

Watching the Aurora Australis sailing off beyond the horizon after her last resupply to Casey was a special sentimental moment for many of us who have travelled on her down south and back over the years.

And then the party started. Aside from providing all with the routine smokos, lunches and dinners on a daily base special occasions like our delayed New Year’s party, a very special citizenship ceremony conducted by our Deputy Station Leader Justin for our Irish mate MKK, the Australia Day swim was celebrated in style with spit roasts, BBQ’s, amber fluid from our brewery and other beverages.

Time is flying when you are having fun they say and we sure did. But the memories will linger on for a very long time I’m sure.

Hermann Schafellner, Casey Chef