The march towards mid-winter

Settling into winter

In the last two months, Casey has been settling into winter mode. Buildings and equipment have been winterised and the team has begun adapting to the shorter, colder days.

Casey is losing about 7 minutes of daylight each day in the march towards mid-winter on 21 June, with today’s sunrise at 9:25am and sunset at 3:41pm. Casey is also enjoying being a white wonderland after a large snowfall last weekend.

The team has continued to do great things around station; re-establishing power to the wharf facilities, completing major servicing on Casey and Wilkins mechanical equipment, producing extraordinary food and continuing extensive Red Shed renovations.

We have also been out and about in the field completing our field training for everyone whom joined us late in the season. With the Elephant Seals at Browning’s Peninsula, everyone on station has made it to the area to take in the rugged surrounds and to see these very large yet cute (at times) creatures.

We have continued to enjoy the social activities of a station community including drinks and a BBQ to celebrate our season midway point; a formal Easter dinner, ANZAC Day dawn service and afternoon of Two-u;, a friendly, competitive dart competition; and the unique combination of a Cinco De Mayo — Star Wars (May the 4th be with you) party.

And of course, as everyone celebrates Mother’s Day back home, know we are thinking of family and friends on this special day. 

Chris (SL)

Getting to know a Casey expeditioner — Benjamin Keyes

Name: Benjamin Keyes

Nicknames: Captain

From: Boneo, Victoria, Australia

Previous seasons? N/A

Job title: Aerodrome plant operator

Describe your role in two sentences: James, Matt and I operate lots of different mobile plant to make life easy for everybody on station over winter. We also operate and maintain an ice runway in the summertime.

What did you do before your joined the AAD? Australian Defence Force

What is your favourite part of your job here at Casey? The talented people I get to work with daily.

If you were not an APO what would be your dream job? Helicopter pilot

How does this season at Casey compare to your previous seasons down south? N/A

What do you like to do in your spare time? Keep fit, watch movies, read, play chess, scrabble, darts, take photos

What song sums up your Casey experience so far? Amazing experience that I will never forget.

What actor would play you in a film version of our 72nd ANARE season here at Casey? Tom Cruise

Favourite piece of Australian Antarctic Division kit? Carhartt jacket

What is your favourite book / movie (or both) and why? Arrival / The Alchemist, I enjoy sci-fi, fantasy fiction

What is your typical ‘Slushy FM’ genre? Do you have a particular favourite? I don’t have one, but I usually play Paul’s mix which contains a lot of Taylor Swift.

Describe your Casey experience with: a sight, a smell, a sound, a feeling and a taste. The sound of silence

Do you have a favourite quote that you’d like to leave us with?
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.