This week at Casey we say goodbye to some and hello to others while the fog rolls in

Operations.with Nick

What a dynamic week it has been in the operations world!

Kicking things off the Aircraft Ground Support Officer team go straight to work setting up Casey Ski Landing Area ready to accept GCX and JKB Baslers which had travelled all the way from Calgary in Canada for the Antarctic summer. It wasn’t long at all and Dean and the team were fully prepared to start accepting aircraft. First we saw the Chinese Basler GCX arrive and settle in for a few nights, shortly followed by JKB from Davis research station all in anticipation for the A319 Airbus to connect passengers to Zhongshan and Davis.

A few weather delays put holes in our meticulously planned operation, the 72nd ANARE eager to depart for Hobart; adjust, plan, rinse and repeat! After some very late nights the weather lined up, the two Basler’s popped up to Wilkins to meet the A319 Airbus, only for the fog to roll in, jaws dropped as the aircraft circled…. The sky’s opened up, exactly as planned; aircraft landed, passengers and cargo loaded and a quick departure, seamless!

We now await the arrival of the first C17 Globemaster for the summer, shortly followed by another A319 Airbus, weather permitting of course.

Nick, Operations Coordinator 

Casey Picturebook

This week we finally had a decent fall of snow for the first time since arriving at Casey. After falling for most of the day, the next it cleared to blindingly sunny clear blue skies, again……