The 73rd ANARE arrives at Casey and we bid farewell to the 72nd ANARE — so long and safe travels

The 73rd ANARE are here!

We have finally arrived — the first flight of the season landed in blue skies on the smooth ice runway at Wilkins Aerodrome to start the 2019–2020 season.

As Snowbird 1 behind us was enveloped in a short-lived fog, we made our way to the waiting Terrabus to begin our slow, but nevertheless exciting, four hour journey down the ice plateau to Casey research station, nestled on the rocks of Wilkes Land looking out over the Windmill Islands.

Arriving just before midnight we could make out our destination as a rich orange sun sank below the horizon.

We’re here, now where’s our beds…

Station handover

After a several days intense handover between outgoing and incoming expeditioners the station is formally handed over to the 73rd ANARE and the busy summer season begins…

WELL DONE to the 72nd ANARE and safe travels home to family & friends.