Busy at work and play

With sun comes cold

Casey’s weather has continued to dazzle over the last week with the run of sunny days; with sun comes cold, with a recent low temperature of −32.6°C. This week we also experienced our most brilliant Aurora activity this year, which many enjoyed at 1am. The weekend also saw half the station out in the surrounds enjoying the area.

The Wilkins team continues to make progress on the Aerodrome. The temperatures there are several degrees colder, due to altitude and its inland location and can prove challenging. The team factors this into their activity and with careful planning, work continues.    

Here on Station work continues including in the Red Shed, the Main Power House, and Tank House as we also begin planning for our departure with cargo preparations. The second traverse team preparations are also well underway with a team of 8 conducting a shakedown trip to D-2, a location 16km from Station. 

The mess and kitchen remain a focal point and a place to catch up with friends, and enjoy a meal or just a cuppa. Jordan, our superb chef, has welcomed all comers into the kitchen throughout the year; including on a bread roster, to make fresh bread every day, volunteers to create slushie brunches and dinners, able assistants and to those that miss their kitchen, to cook a meal.

Chris (SL)