A busy team kicking goals

It’s all happening

Throughout the winter, one of the large station projects has been the continuation of the Red Shed refurbishment. This week we were able to celebrate the completion of the first floor with an opening reception, acknowledging the efforts of two wintering teams and a space that can be enjoyed by many teams to come.

The week also saw the completion of the second traverse to Law Dome and good progress on the Wilkins runway. The traverse team completed the 133km trip to Law Dome, in good weather, and completed the necessary calibration and maintenance on the Automatic Weather Station for the year. Before departing Law Dome, the team confirmed that all messages were being received and the data was correct with the Bureau of Meteorology.

Otherwise the team is progressing work on Casey’s new Utility Building, the ground floor of the Red Shed, Tank House and finished a Main Power House engine rebuild.   

This week saw Casey blanketed in white with recent snow fall and some of the densest fog we’ve had so far this season.