This week at Casey: 27 September 2019

Lots of activity at Casey

From Wilkins to walking

There remains lots of activity on station as we wrap up project work and get ready for handing over the station to the 73rd ANARE in late October. We also recently had two birthday celebrations and a pirate themed night in honour of International ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day', with our own treasure hunt.

The Wilkins team continues to prepare the runway, with work focusing on snow blowing and setting up the summer camp. Station continues to provide support in conducting fuel runs and with trade and mechanical assistance.

The sea ice has also recently allowed for a walk to Wilkes (the old station site across Newcomb Bay) to be opened and also a long distance sled haul from Robbo’s to Browning’s to be completed, covering a round trip of 42kms.

This week has seen the full spectrum of weather, from a few picture perfects days to one our longest blizzards.

Chris (SL) 

A dozer towing the green Wilkins mess building into the summer location
Towing the Wilkins Mess
(Photo: Matty Ryan)
Wilkins summer camp made up of several buildings with power lies between them
Wilkins summer camp
(Photo: Matty Ryan)
James holding a birthday cake with sparklers
James’s birthday at Wilkins
(Photo: Matty Ryan)
Conrad, Jordan and Aaron looking at a pavlova with candles and a birthday sign
Conrad’s birthday pavlova
(Photo: Chris MacMillian)
Three expeditioners hauling sleds on the sea ice
Walking on ice
(Photo: Amy Hobbs)
Two expeditioners towing sleds on an overcast day on the sea ice
On the way to Browning's
(Photo: Amy Hobbs)
Robbos to Brownings and return team — (Aaron, Conrad, Garvan & Amy) standing near the blue hagg at Browning's
Robbos to Browing and return team — (Aaron, Conrad, Garvan & Amy)
(Photo: Amy Hobbs)
Two expeditioners towing sleds on a sunday day on the sea ice
Walking on Newcomb Bay
(Photo: Chris MacMillian)
One expeditioner walking on the sea ice with lots of small ice bergs and snow drifts
Walking amongst the ice fields
(Photo: Aaron Coleman)
Two expeditioners walking in front of the ice cliffs on Penny Bay
Magnificent ice cliffs of Penny Bay
(Photo: Aaron Coleman)