This week at Casey, we adapt to the winter weather conditions; we venture with the Casey mechanics and discover that snow gets into everything, and the picture gallery of the week is by Aaron.

Living and working with Casey winter weather

What happens in a week at Casey? Well one just adapts to the changing weather conditions and chooses the jobs on a daily basis to suit what is happening outside.

Take last week for example. It started off like most other weeks at Casey with plenty of wind to blow all that freshly fallen snow away, and then keep blowing, for good measure just in case it missed some of that loose snow that made Casey look like a ski resort for a short period of time. As the winds start to ease off the plant operators are then busy playing with their toys to decrease the height of all the bliz tails (a build-up of snow behind or side of a building due to blowing snow) across road ways and other areas around station so we have access to refuelling areas, workshops, storage areas and any other areas where access is required. The beauty of this is that generally after a good blow we are fortunate to be blessed with one or two good days (very little wind and the occasional sunshine).

If these good days correspond with weekends and or days off it is even better, as it means we are able to get out and about and take in some of the beauty and other things on offer in this pristine and unique environment. Outside this there are the other things like checking out the depth of the sea ice, cane line maintenance, the choices are endless. Those who hesitate miss out; as it is not long before the wind picks up again and either with some snow falls, or not, there is always more snow to be blown through Casey Town. Everyone has learned to take it in his stride and to respect the challenging weather conditions and to make the most of all the other days, whether it be work or play.

All in a days work

Not only is the mechanics’ job on Casey station to service and maintain a wide and large range of vehicles and equipment, we also have to de-blizz and start these vehicles out in the field in trying conditions. So I would like to share with you some pictures of this experience.

Picture gallery of the week

This week’s picture gallery features photos taken by Aaron McKechnie.