This week at Casey we spot our first penguin of the season and the only way to describe it is with a poem by Matt

Stranger on the sea ice

A day trip was to Robbos

On quad bikes was set,

Whilst out on the sea ice,

A stranger we met,


Walking out to sea,

Before turning aback,

When closer she got,

We saw white, yellow and black


Large she quite was,

About one meter tall,

Her species confirmed

That unmistakable squawk,


An emperor was she,

And lost I think she is,

Our meeting was brief,

We thought it might blizz,


But as we walked away,

She followed us back,

To our quad bikes,

Still stopped in their tracks,


One more squawk she did give,

Saying, “what about me?”

But we had to get back,

Back to Casey.


Matt W.