At Casey, the green store inventory project continues, hairy expeditioners and beautiful photos (some simultaneously) are featured.

Green store inventory project part III

The inventory project for the green store is going well with all of the station trade racks complete and recorded. The last of them to be completed was racks one and two (all mechanical) and proved to be the most challenging of them all. This was because the tools, equipment and spares for mobile plant are so many and meticulous, it took a lot of patience and focus to ensure that nothing went unrecorded. So now that all the trades racks are done it’s onto the final phase of the project: station support equipment, dry and frozen foods. The green store has had the pedestrian walkways painted on the floor now for safety, finding the fire exits and storage zones. 


At some point those of us who think about stuff, and we all happen into this uncomfortable state from time to time, think about hair. There is even a musical! Well we do, even if we don’t generally admit it. And we think of the imponderables as well, things like: what evolutionary purpose does ear hair address, no? Well we all certainly wonder what the hell people were thinking when they choose to cut their hair the way they do. Or not. Normal grooming mores seem to fade away below the 70th parallel as bad haircuts and unkempt beards take the day. I give you the evidence.

Allan C 

Picture gallery of the week

This week’s picture gallery features photos taken by Leon Hamilton.