The first containers that form the building blocks of the new east wing have been put in place

It’s all about work this week at Casey. Boilers, building and digging out… Read more

East wing containers lined up in front of the red shed

Building of the east wing accommodation begins at the Red Shed. Read more

Old material racks ready for clearing and disassembly

Even Antarctica isn’t safe from the Aussie shed. Expeditioners at Casey… Read more

The LC130 arrives at the Casey ski landing area

Exciting times at Casey meant a slight delay of the news due to an influx… Read more

Flyer for Casey 2012 clinic party

Well being leads to weight loss this week at Casey plus we take a medical… Read more

Crossing Peterson Channel

Expeditioners are out and about this week on a jolly to Peterson Island… Read more

Surface density testing at the Casey Ski Landing Area (CSLA)

This week, Casey station prepares an icy runway and expeditioners pass the… Read more

Drilling sea ice for quad travel

Readying the station for the summer expeditioners is no easy task when… Read more

Dave and Andy looking at maps on a laptop

Search and rescue training in extreme climates and diesos prepare for… Read more

Canes with tin cans fixed to them are used to mark the ‘roads’ around Casey

At Casey, the perils of travel in Antarctica are explored and truly… Read more

Jamie and Phill fixing a humidifier

Casey’s humidifiers on the blink, an 80s night and Oktoberfest rolled into… Read more

Polar camping in the Casey Operating area

Sledding in Antarctica via Casey station and an interview with Craig. Read more

Poor weather on the way to Cape Poinsett

At Casey, a trip to the Automatic Weather Station in difficult weather… Read more

Casey in a blizzard

At Casey, even blizzards can’t stop Team Dieso. The doc shows off Casey’s… Read more

Person at Law Dome

At Casey, we head to Law Dome to conduct maintenance on the automatic… Read more

An unusual emergency exit sign at Casey

At Casey, the importance of building compliance is outlined, there’s a… Read more

Macerating discs at the waste treatment plant

Casey competes in the Antarctic 48 Hour Film Festival, does maintenance on… Read more

The training program for lay surgical assistants

At Casey we're scrubbing up on surgical skills, bringing the Olympics to… Read more

Cameron thoroughly enjoying doing the stock-take in the Green Store

Stock-take is not to be taken lightly at Casey but certainly race day… Read more

Rob and Jamie, Casey Station winter plumbers for 2012

This week from Casey: a plumber’s tale, brilliant Antarctic Food Festival… Read more

Dan the carpenter at Casey

Over at Casey we've been renovating, sea ice drilling and skiing! We also… Read more

Fuel transfer hose at Casey

A fuel transfer that’s anything but dull, a dose of Scottish culture and… Read more

Casey 2012 group photo of winter expeditioners

Midwinter celebrations at Casey were almost derailed by very high winds. Read more

Access to the subfloor is straightforward through the modular floor

Casey is wired for science, walking across Antarctica, watching the State… Read more

Looking back at Casey Station from the sea ice in Newcomb Bay

The beauty and importance surrounding sea ice drilling at Casey station… Read more

Moon at Casey with the station illuminated

Casey observes the transit of Venus under exceptional conditions this… Read more

Rob Thorne and Jamie Lowe dressed in 70s clothing

Casey gets rowdy with a rip roaring tribute to the rambunctious seventies… Read more

Relay for Life HQ, inside with large banner on wall

Casey has raised over $11,300 for Cancer research in this year’s Relay for… Read more

Jamie Lowe Casey

Extreme plumbing in Antarctica, important search and rescue training and… Read more

Blowing snow at Casey reduces visibility of buildings

Blizzards and record low temperatures make for interesting days at Casey… Read more

Aurora Australis

Team Dieso’s summer, remote transmitters and brushing up on breathing… Read more

Dawn service at Casey

ANZAC Day dawn service. Read more

Small group of expeditioners eat at a table in the mess.

Hello to Winter Read more

craft items Casey

Goodbye Summer Read more

Tim and Jeb on the harmonicas

Music, weather, plumbing and science — it’s all happening at Casey! Read more

Ice cliff climbing

Getting outside: SAR training and the Casey Marathon. Read more

The four main power house engines

Construction, maintenance and action sports! Read more

Thala Valley

Elephant seals research with gorgeous photos and ice climbing were… Read more

Runners moving to the starting position of the foot race.

Casey is off to the races and expeditioners conduct maintenance at Haupt… Read more

Checking the winch

Girls in Haggs and boys in trucks, an expedition to the dome and winter is… Read more

David Koch broadcasting

First live TV broadcast from Antarctica’s Casey Station and all the good… Read more

2012 Marine science team

Scientists afloat study invertebrate life and a spectacular bird’s-eye… Read more

Black-browed albatross

From the Director’s diary… Read more

Expeditioners swimming on Australia Day

Celebrating Australia Day, the Brew Team, and a trip to Peterson Island… Read more

Casey expeditioners

What makes a good community, a night of science, and moss. Read more

Refuelling a light aircraft

A scientific excursion, life at the skiway, the high rollers arrive in… Read more

Expeditioners preparing for field training

Survival training, remediation work, and New Year iceberg cruises Read more

Red Shed from the ship

Arrival of the 65th ANARE, resupply, belated Casey Christmas, and a… Read more