Building of the east wing accommodation begins at the Red Shed. Expeditioners also have a theme night and prove that Casey station is number one.

The east wing

With the increase in activities out of Casey that has arisen due to the airlink, the station bursts at the seams with people over summer. Last summer the new west wing accommodation in the Red Shed was opened and the foundations for a corresponding east wing were laid. This summer, building of the new east wing has continued in earnest. The construction is modular and based on shipping containers that have been on site and ready for several years. This week we have been digging them out of the snow and ice ready to start positioning them for building. When it is finished we will be able to accommodate about another 25 people on station during the busy period. We will keep you updated with progress over summer.

Casino night revisited

Last Saturday night it was time to welcome the summer crew to Casey properly with a station party. One of the big successes last summer was a casino night and so we dusted off the roulette wheel, dragged out the blackjack tables and fired up the computer generated horse races, dressed up in our best party frocks and set about having a good time.

Men’s fashion highlights for the evening included the now infamous gold suit (Craig), orange suit (Johan) and a vinyl jumpsuit (Jarrod). The ladies of course all dressed glamorously and quite a few folks were in character. In particular, a famous Australian horse racing family seemed to be very well represented.

An enormous amount of money changed hands but of course it was all play money. By about 11 pm the chips had all been returned to the sets, the tables cleared away and the important business of dancing well and truly started.

Casino night, the sequel, was just as big a hit as the original.

It’s official. Casey rules!

Well all of us here at Casey think that ours is the best station in the Antarctic and until very recently, we thought that our friends and rivals at the other Australian stations disagreed with us. Apparently this isn’t the case. The Davis webcam picked up clear evidence this morning that in fact everyone thinks “Casey rules”. Cheers guys. We appreciate the sentiment.