This week we celebrate Australia Day with a quick dip in Newcomb Bay and take a few wickets in the Casey station Antarctic cricket test match.

Australia Day cricket match

What else do you do on Australia day but play cricket, have a spit roast and enjoy a cold beer or two out in the back paddock. After Johan M and Steve B manicured and rolled the pitch and surrounds out the front of the red shed, a few cubic metres of fresh snow for the esky had been placed and the couches for the spectators set up for the match to begin. With mainland Australia against the rest of the world, the stage was set for a very unique game of cricket.

Father Bob R and Sister Bec M were the game officials enforcing the rules of engagement. The coin toss determined that the mainlanders would show the rest of the world how it was done. With warm-up stretches and a strong batting performance all round (some may say I am a one-eyed mainlander) cricket was played with absolutely salubrious innings. The game was completed with some retired after their three overs and others -hmmm, well, they just got out.

The openers for the rest of the world were our resident Canadians Bec M and her fellow countryman Dan J. With their sterling performance and Dan’s unique baseball style, the runs added up rather quickly. The Tasmanians, Danish, Czech, Filipino, Fijian and Kiwis all pulled their weight but unfortunately their 92 runs could not match team mainland who scored 102. With a few pats on the back and handshakes all around, it was time for a team photo and to finish up the evening in the pavilion.

Australia Day swim

In keeping with tradition, Casey station had their Australia Day swim in Newcomb Bay on Saturday, with the station doctors and lifeguards on the watch. The day was perfect, sunny, little to no cloud in the sky and a balmy three degrees on the plus side. However the water temperature was a more brisk one point three degrees in the negative. Zbynek M brought his fancy infrared camera, where you can see how cold the water and the surroundings can be.