Sharpen the darts, polish the snooker balls and set up the table! The Casey Olympics have officially started! This week we also venture off to Browning peninsula to see the sights, Matty talks about life and everything plus we share the picture gallery of the week by Tim.

Casey Olympics

The main events

  • Shanghai darts
  • pool
  • table tennis

The Teams

“Magic Spot” Mark J. and Mick W.
“Sizzlers” Steve and Jeremy
“The ‘A’ Team” Aaron and Allan
“Bananas in Pyjamas” Ben M. and Ben H.
“Dickie Knee” Chad and Gavin
“The Storm Petrels” Lee and Scotty
“The ‘C’ Leopards” Leon and Tim
“The Bra Boys” Abrar and Andy
“The Twins” Michael and Matty

The “Casey Olympics” opening ceremony was not held in a massive stadium like the “birds nest” in Beijing, awe to modern architecture. Rather, it took place in the humble “Red Shed”, awe to modern Adelie penguins. The ceremony didn’t have impressive fireworks or light shows, just a simple disco ball glittering over the Wallow. Clearly, the Casey Olympics opening ceremony couldn’t have 14 000 performers. Instead there were the Storm Petrel team, dressed in matching blond mullet wigs and Weetbix sponsored cricket vests, dancing to “Eye of the Tiger.” And we can’t forget Gavin as Wilfred the Dog and Leon as a time-traveler from the 80s, disappointed by the progression of men’s fashion from happy pants to skinny jeans. Nevertheless, it was just as spectacular as the Beijing or London Olympics games.

With inspirational music like “We are the Champions” by Queen blasting over the speakers, everyone was amped for the upcoming events. Magic Spot, Sizzlers and The ‘A’ Team fought for their division’s top spot in darts. Allan, our station leader, was still experimenting with many throwing techniques mere hours before the event but could he master the Shang darts? To tell the truth, I can’t remember. I was too occupied with my team, The Twins, busy dominating the table tennis event to actually notice. With Matty’s towering reach, my finesse, and the occasional show of agility, we demonstrated the art of winning. The Twins had consecutive wins against the ‘C’ Leopards and the Bra Boys. How did the incredible Twins do at pool and darts you ask? Uhh… “No comment!”

The impressive performance from the Storm Petrels in the opening ceremony did intimidate, and sent shivers down the spine of, the opposing teams. But their swagger was no match for the legitimate skills of Bananas in Pajamas, aka “team” Ben M. The Petrels did some entertaining but “bring it” they did not.

The event was a success, with great sportsmanship and friendly competition. The finals will be held next week to crown champions of darts, pool and table tennis. For sure The Twins have table tennis in the bag. Will it be as spectacular and spellbinding? We shall see!

Michael S

Visiting Browning and Vanderford Glacier

A party of four consisting of Tim - our trip leader, Doug, Ben M and Abrar, visited the rugged Browning peninsula and the Vanderford Glacier. Browning peninsula lays approximately 60 kilometres south of Casey station and is one of the world’s largest glaciers when measured across, the Vanderford and Patterson. Vanderford Glacier is about eight kilometres wide flowing northwest into the southeast side of Vincennes Bay, slightly south of the Windmill Islands. It was named after Benjamin Vanderford, pilot of the sloop of war Vincennes of the United States Exploring Expedition under Captain Wilkes, 1838–42.

Browning has some spectacular wildlife, elephant seals, Weddell seals and penguin rookeries, majestic views of the southern ocean, glaciers and bone chilling temperatures. It is also well known for strong southeasterly wind.

Matty’s corner

As the days get shorter, it seems winter is coming. This week everyone has been getting to work and also doing P90X, a fitness and workout program. A number of us have been travelling down to Browning to see, and smell, the elephant seals before they leave. Today the water in the bay seems to have the colour of grey, a sign that it has started to freeze.

Poem for the week:

As the sea beneath, freezes on top
The ice that I see, there is quite a lot,
This tells me there is, more cold to come,
Winter 2013, this is the one!

See it’s been winter here, every year now,
Brave the chill we must, and put our hands to the plow (snow)
We are here in Antarctica representing our nation,
Preserving the frozen world around us, we are Casey station.

Matt W

Picture gallery of the week

This week’s picture gallery features photos taken by Tim New.