This week our station doctor shares his epic battle dubbed MD vs MC or Medical Doctor vs the Master Chef. Gavin, our senior mechanical supervisor, shows that pictures are worth a thousand words.

Medical Doctor vs Master Chef

As we continue to celebrate the centenary of Australian Antarctic Exploration, what should be considered a major part of Antarctic history has been unceremoniously ignored. Why has this story not been told? This is a classic tale of forbidden love, passion and good versus evil. But beneath that is the even stronger theme of man’s struggle with his own mortality. It is Antarctica’s little secret. There are whispers back in Kingston but no one dare speak of it aloud. Well, today I can bear the burden no longer. I refuse to be silenced. The war can be won only at the end of winter, but the battles wage on daily in the mess, throughout the Odeon and in the gym. That’s right, it’s what shall be known from this day forward as the yearly battle of MD vs. MC (medical doctor vs. master chef).

On a monthly basis it is my duty to advise winterers on diet, exercise and good healthy living in general, but evil forces are constantly at work against me. One minute I might be trying to organize a group workout while lurking in the darkness is Mr. Scotty B and his delicious mixture of meats, cream sauces and curries. Evil had clearly overtaken my predecessor as Dr. Nick L would inhale full portions of meat covered in butter. But I refuse to succumb to the dark side. I have created an army and together we have managed to save over half of the winter team from a quick and certain defeat, at least for this week. We have begun a daily program called P90X which involves stretching, yoga, strength, core and some martial arts (not safe for practical use). This initially led to a great deal of confusion. You wouldn't believe but some of the participants began to see me as the evil one! I was blamed for sore thighs, backs and bellies.

Only a week into this program the team has come to realise that it is I who embodies good, promoting health in these uncertain times. And that in fact Scotty B himself is the evil one with his bottomless bowls of ice cream and his delicious trays of food. So it is our goal now to do whatever it takes to defeat him…unless of course it means never having ice cream, because we should definitely get ice cream every once in a while. Our mission is to lose the weight of one average male over winter (this does not mean that we will make Scotty “disappear”). While it hurts every day, we push on. We complain, and then we complain some more, and maybe even a small bit more than that, but we carry on. Keep an eye out, for the photos of us here in the “station news” will begin to require fewer and fewer mega-pixels. We will not give up, we cannot give in. WE MUST NOT GET FAT(ter)!

Dr Chad 

Pictures are worth a thousand words

The senior mechanical supervisor (SMS) takes on a varied role and I hope the following photos will help show some of what is involved. 

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.