This week at Casey we share some of the group pictures for our station yearbook, we put on our favourite Bob Marley track and feast Jamaican style. This week we also took to the voting boxes.

Yearbook group pictures

The winter crew season is slowly drawing to an end and it’s that time of the year where all the pictures and stories come together for the station yearbook. Here are some of the group photos looking back on our year here at Casey. 

Jamaica! Ya, mon!

Last Saturday night, Casey station hosted a Jamaican theme party. Once again Scotty made a significant contribution to the success of the evening with treats like goat curry, jerk chicken and a pineapple upside down cake.

Tables were decorated with cricket bats, bongo drums and palm trees. Pictures of famous Jamaicans were liberally distributed around the dining hall. Bob Marley and Shaggy reggae tunes filled the air.

All those art classes with Allan paid off, not only did we have a handmade Jamaican flag but a Caribbean beauty to grace our Jamaican beach.

Green, yellow and black were the colours of choice to be see in. Curly black locks were the norm until they ran out. It was actually surprising to realise how many black wigs there were on station. But run out they did so when all else fails, dress as a penguin. Or in Matty’s case, an axe-wielding Viking penguin.

The evening was concluded by watching the Australia vs South Africa Rugby match which worked out well as supporters were already dressed in green and gold. Unfortunately, the result was a disappointment but a great evening was had by all regardless.

Election day

Saturday the 7th of September was Election Day here just as much as back on the mainland of Australia. About half of the station’s population had registered as Antarctic Voters, so we had a regular stream of people getting their names ticked off the list, obtaining their relevant ballot papers and heading off to the voting booth to cast their vote. Even through the voting booth was bigger and more private than what you would get back home (we used the telephone booths for this purpose), there still was not enough room on the bench space in this area to lay out the massive Senate ticket, no matter which state one was from.

All of the results were forwarded to the Australian Electoral Commission on Sunday morning to complete the process.

The Casey PR shot which was taken prior to Election Day has been picked up by a lot of media outlets and includes overseas as far afield as Dubai, Japan and parts of Asia.