We have pizza night this week at Casey, as well as time to rebuild a generator and finalise the packdown of the Wilkins Aerodrome.

Pizza night

Everybody loves a Friday, and here at Casey it is no different. Not only does it mark the end to the working week, lately it has been transformed into a casual dining experience. Every week our chef Eddie comes up with some culinary delights and creates a menu, which is distributed throughout station. Orders are placed either at the ‘counter’ or over the phone, and a short time after the waiter arrives at our respective posts with some A-grade tucker.

So far we have been to Splinters Bistro and last week we were catered for by the hypothetical South Pole Pizza. Rumour has it, they are the best pizzas for 1000 km!

Generator regeneration

With the absence of our summer crew, and a large portion of our winter crew busily working in other areas, the opportunity to get started on repairs to the number two generator in the main power house (MPH) has been taken.

With a slowly increasing history of oil usage, it was decided to pull the head off and take a look. Once uncovered, it was found that there was excessive build-up of carbon on the valve stems of the number four cylinder indicating a sealing failure. There were also signs of glazing in the piston liners, typically a result of running at a low load.

After all the parts have been cleaned, inspected and measurements taken, it was decided to change out the pistons, liners and the head (to be reconditioned).

Once the engine has been reassembled, the electricians will connect the load bank then testing the functionality of the set will commence.

It’s a long but necessary road to eventual functionality and essential backup.

Wilkins packdown

Following the departure of the last A319 flight for the season, the Wilkins Aerodrome has undergone a rapid transformation from busy airport facility to isolated, cold, winterised buildings and machinery.

Much of the infrastructure has been moved to a raised flat-topped berm, constructed for the storage of these items through the dark winter months. The larger buildings, such as the operations and living quarters, were towed to a nearby blue ice patch. The move in each case is to avoid snow accumulation around the runway/aerodrome site.

Steve Mc and Cary, along with Matt and other various members of station, have been busy completing the very full two weeks that it takes to accomplish this task. Now down to just one building, the plumbing has been drained and this remote field party will now return to station bringing Casey to its full winter compliment at last.