This week at Casey, we celebrate the end of resupply with a very red party and we take a look at some amazing weather photos.

Painting Casey red with an end of resupply party

Saturday saw the official celebration for the end of resupply, with the theme being ‘Red’ in honour of the Aurora Australis. Everyone was encouraged to dress in red which resulted in some very creative costume design and construction, as well as some very loose interpretation of the term 'dress'. We saw appearances from Mario, Santa, Flash and a strange red coloured elephant of sorts, but the standout in terms of effort was the oversized box of Redheads matches.

The chefs also went to extraordinary lengths to keep in line with the theme, with a range of delicacies displaying a hint of red. Starting with red cabbage, beetroot and jelly, everything that wasn’t naturally red was transformed into some shade of red through various cooking techniques. It’s a good thing we had just completed resupply, so that we had an ample supply of food colouring!

Post-dinner entertainment was supplied by a game based loosely upon the show Would I lie to you? where contestants would stand up and describe a story from their life that may or not be true, and the crowd was prompted to ask them questions to help determine if they were telling the truth or not. There were some surprising revelations uncovered about our fellow expeditioners, both the true and the not-so-true! A great night was had by all.

Cloud watchers gallery

Expeditioners at Casey have recently been submitting pictures of interesting weather at Casey, for use as training and educational material for Bureau of Meteorology staff. The following gallery is a selection of the images submitted thus far.