The carpenters, or chippies as they are fondly referred to, take over Casey’s news with details of a new utility building.

Casey — a chippy’s paradise

Well this week has been an action packed week for all the construction workers down at the new Casey utility building (CUB) with the installation of the wall panels which has needed all hands on deck.

Despite the icy, snowy weather and working out the best system to install these big panels, there was nothing stopping us except some well baked-on, weathered plastic film that was on the face of every panel. This has turned out to be the true test of all the boys’ sanity as they spend days picking plastic and wearing their fingernails down, but at least we all got in and did some team bonding to make the most of the windy days where the crane could not operate. In the end, beside all the hold ups we have had on the CUB building, the boys have been doing a great job and have somehow managed to keep the project on schedule to get the building fully enclosed for the winter.

Off the work site, the station has been pretty hectic with receiving French and Italian visitors who stayed longer than expected due to poor weather not allowing planes to land. This has cause big queues in the kitchen at meal times and filled the wallow with bags and people that don’t know whether they are coming or going, but we all enjoy visitors and getting to know them during their short time here.

Trivia night was also held on Sunday night with many enthusiastic quiz masters challenging the host on several questions. Credit to the ‘Master’: he stayed strong and was not a push over. The ‘Docs, Stock and Barrel’ team took out the tournament, winning them a couple of ‘Get out of Blizz-run free’ cards which Dr Rachel quickly snatched out of her team mates’ hands, knowing that it would come in very handy over the long winter ahead. The big surprise was the question, “What type of bread also describes a cut of precious stone?” Answer: baguette. The only team to get it wrong was the French team, although they may not have understood the question as very little English was spoken amongst them.

Altogether, it was another very busy week on station with plenty of maintenance, project work, people and flights coming and going.