The Easter Long weekend at Casey saw a visit from the Easter Bunny and a pesky blizzard.

Resting, relaxing and Easter egg hunting

With a new season well underway, the winter crew of Casey started our long weekend by correcting watches and going back three hours now that summer flights have come to a close. This gave us the weekend to adjust. The wallow was a ghost town for the better part of the weekend with expeditioners either catching up on sleep, watching movies in the ‘Odeon’ or chipping away at the stocked up fridge Donna, our five star chef and deputy station leader, had left.

But silence was brought to a clashing halt Easter Sunday morning as Donna had set us a challenge: find 68 missing Easter eggs she had hidden within a mystery building on station. We first started by breaking into groups and, with SAR (search and rescue) precision, commenced searching the station building by building with the taste of sweet chocolate on our minds. Within minutes we had scoured the station and located some out of place balloons and mysterious bunny prints in front of the science building. With special ops manoeuvring we quickly went through room by room as more and more expeditioners showed up to assist.

Donna was getting much enjoyment watching the rest of us try and find the eggs she had planted around. Before long we started finding them by the dozen as seen in an image below of Katie looking very pleased with her finds. A few of us weren’t able to add anything more than wrappers to the final count as temptation was all around us, proving just too much for some. Rach kept a steady progress count on how we were going. Even Donna became slightly stumped as to where the remaining eight eggs could be, but we looked far and wide. In the end, most of us gave in to temptation and had a hard earned Easter egg and a laugh about the hunt.

Afterwards, we all enjoyed the remaining downtime with walks around station, ski trips and hut trips, taking in good weather and magnificent sunsets before a blizzard set in all day Monday.