A write up on the Casey summer games. Who came out victorious?

Let the games begin

Welcome back to the wallow everybody for another installment of the ‘Casey Station Summer Games'. It was another hotly contested competition for the all the disciplines at this summer’s games. We stuck with the tried and tested sports of darts, pool and table tennis. There was a singles and doubles knockout draw for all three sports.

The games ran for most of the summer with some extremely high quality matches, plenty of laughs and record crowds. There was no shortage of witty banter between the players or commentary from the peanut gallery on the sidelines.

Greg Ng and AJ (Andrew Ryan), the two dominant forces in the table tennis arena, battled it out in the final. AJ fought hard the whole way but Greg’s class shone through taking the victory.

The darts and pool finals were held on Australia Day. With a pressure cooker atmosphere falling over the wallow Hilly (Andrew Hill) and Adam McLaughlin stepped up for the darts finale. It was a high quality affair with Adam sneaking home on his last few darts to take the title.

After a short intermission for the crowd, a chance for combatants to compose themselves, Murray Kitson and Jacob Taylor stood up to claim their place in history. A game of cat and mouse ensued with the final decided in the third match. The crowd was riding every shot, totally enthralled with the contest at fever pitch. The crowd set its own record with a five minute Mexican wave. In the end, Jacob managed to secure the victory being pushed by Murray the entire way.

Thanks to everyone who was involved in the games. They made for great entertainment, atmosphere and camaraderie throughout the station. Until next season: swing hard, throw straight and hit true.