A windy week at Casey but work goes on as the ‘sparkies’ (electricians) take over this week’s news.

Mother Nature keeps us indoors

After a week’s worth of snow and wind, it’s full steam ahead here at Casey station.

The east wing red shed (living and accommodation unit) extension is nearing completion, and its refurbishment has commenced in a flurry, with the removal of existing furniture and flooring. Diesos are preparing vehicles for winter and all this as the days are getting colder, and nights getting longer.

This week we have experienced our first true blizzard this winter season. Many of us were in awe of the relentless power of Mother Nature, as outside travel was reduced to almost nil and we were confined to the red shed.

Being stuck inside didn’t mean that work ceased. For us — the sparkies - it meant we could start removing all of the old power points and light fittings, and prepare the cables for the new furniture to be installed. We were constantly being reminded of the blizzard outside, as the building creaked and groaned with the continuous battering of wind gusts up 170 km/h.

Attending to various breakdowns during the blizzard presented new exciting challenges. Inspecting freezing water pipes and ventilation fans in 150 km/h wind and blowing snow makes you feel like you are being sandblasted — standing still is not an option.