News this week from project plumbers includes work on the Casey utility building (CUB) and construction of an igloo.

Casey utility building

The new Casey utility building is also known as the CUB for short. The building will house a new wastewater treatment plant at one end, and at the other all the fridge, freezers and dry goods shelving for station food supplies.

After getting the building up over the summer season, work is continuing over winter to complete an internal fit out. The carpenters, Tom and Dean, are flat out getting the walls and suspended ceiling framework up. While this is happening, Wayne and Steve are sorting all the ventilation ducting hangers to ensure they are in the right place before the ceiling plasterboard is installed.

Meanwhile Kieran (welder) is finishing off some structural steel beams from the summer program. We're not ready for the electricians — Adam and Murray — just yet, but have them started with some inside and outside lighting, and the all essential power for the work tools.

The igloo project

Another important construction project that’s currently in motion is the building of the Bailey Peninsula igloo. Spearheaded by Casey’s most avid outdoorsman, Sparky Murray (aka ‘the Snow Leopard'), the structure is set to become a big wheel in the stations lively camping culture. Several expeditioners have involved themselves in this fun project and excitement is mounting as the completion date looms.