Casey’s winter season is over with the arrival of new faces on the A319 and the handover of the keys to the station.

Casey changeover

Casey station seasonal changeover took place on the evening of Monday 31 October. It was an emotional occasion as the keys to the station were handed over to the incoming Station Leader. Outgoing wintering chef Donna had pre-prepared an exquisite cake for the occasion depicting both the 69th and 70th ANARE logos — an outstanding effort considering that she had flown out two days earlier. Stories of the year’s activities were shared and welcome advice given to the new wintering crew. With some of the winterers staying on over the summer, there’ll be further opportunities to reminisce.

The outgoing winterers received their Antarctic medallions and added another expedition photograph to the already crowded wall within the Casey wallow. All the winterers are now keen to get home and have a well-deserved break with friends and family after a long year away. The new team commenced their tasks with gusto the following day, with all signs indicating it will be a busy and fulfilling year.

First flight Into Wilkins

Sunshine and clear skies greeted the first flight this season into Wilkins Aerodrome on Saturday 29 October. Twenty four expeditioners bound for Casey station and five destined for Wilkins arrived on the A319 around midday. A smooth flight and landing was welcomed by several of the expeditioners who had never been to the continent before. Wilkins wintering staff had done an outstanding job getting the runway to such a high standard in time for the flight.

Returning expeditioners were warmly welcomed by the wintering staff, their arrival meaning the process for the winterers to return home had begun. The trip down the hill from Wilkins to Casey was punctuated by a number of photo stops for the all important first photos to send home, and the strong desire to take in the magnificent scenery.