The Wilkins team have the runway ready for the first flight and the 69th ANARE sign off.

News from Wilkins

And so it came to be this week at Wilkins: another reason for cheer and merriment. Firstly, because it was our star mechanic’s birthday – Pete, or Hoot as he is better known down here  – was the recipient of a fine choc ripple cake shaped like an owl no less. Very clever are we at Wilkins!

The other reason for the positive vibe in the Wilkins camp is the gents have the runway ready for action! With a weekend blizzard forecast the men hooked in and did some big days while the weather allowed and the result is a runway that is ready for flight one with marking complete, surveying complete, landing lights set up and the surface has been groomed to perfection.

Worth mentioning is the great support we have received from station and our support from family and friends at home through the setup phase, we now look forwards to the next change, which is the arrival of fresh faces.

See you soon

This weeks news from Casey will be the last for the 69th ANARE as we anticipate the arrival of the first A319 flight of the season at Wilkins aerodrome on Friday. The weather will play a big part as to the actual arrival date but all of us on station and the team at Wilkins are ready for the newbies to arrive.

The 27 wintering expeditioners have achieved a lot over our 12 month stay at Casey with work schedules complete, science programs maintained, two winter traverse undertaken, and many field trips to explore our operational area.

All this could not have been accomplished without the ongoing support of some very special and important people in our lives, being our families and friends. Without their support and encouragement we may not have taken this opportunity to travel south…Thank you!

Only a privileged few have the chance to winter in Antarctica, we would like to thank everyone at the Australian Antarctic Division and the Bureau of Meteorology for selecting, training and supporting all expeditioners that made up the 69th ANARE 2016.