This week it’s all about the food, including cooking classes by chef Donna. The Wilkins crew start to prepare the runway.


It was my turn to write the station news this week and instead of telling you all about the important science, constant weather events, daily work life or terrific scenery here at Casey, I decided to mention the best part of being in Antarctica. The food!

Over the winter we occasionally get the opportunity to cook for the entire crew. My first job was as a taco cook at a Mexican restaurant in Melbourne and since then I have loved Mexican food. Over the years I have developed my own recipes and so it was with great excitement I prepared a dinner recently. Enchiladas, taquitos, quesadillas, chilli con carne and rice was served up with churros for dessert. It’s a lot of fun cooking for 27 people although it does stretch your maths ability working out the quantities!


Calling all chefs

Donna our tireless chef has been running cooking classes on a Saturday afternoon covering topics such baking, pizza, meat curing and hors d'oeuvres. This week it was desserts. From puff pastry, to lemon curd, six of us spent the afternoon learning the secrets of delicious desserts.

I made croissants while AJ made some Portuguese tarts, Mick some yo-yo biscuits, Dean — lemon meringue pie, Adam — chocolate éclairs, there were also donuts and Kiwi made a baked cheese cake.

All I can say is Saturday night’s dinner was a very sweet affair.


News from up the hill

I am pleased to report that the Wilkins team have managed to commence clearing the runway this past week.

Working together as a team they have put in some big days and the mood is high seeing their progress, which is impressive as working in temperatures around the mid −30°C isn’t an easy feat.

Fingers crossed for some good weather in the coming weeks.