Casey station celebrates Australia Day with cricket, iconic radio and a chilly swim.

Aussie Day at Casey

Station news this week is brought to you by the AGSOs (Aviation Ground Support Officers).

This week the locals at Casey were able to take a well earned break from their busy schedules and celebrate Australia Day. With the ‘interweb’ streaming radio station Triple J’s Hottest 100 as the soundtrack, it was a fun filled day for Casey-ites. The Wilkins crew arrived to help celebrate the holiday with us and a rather amusing time was had by all.

The day began with a brisk dip in the icy waters of Newcomb Bay for those brave and/or silly enough!

With the swim out of the way, folks had the chance to warm up with the annual hot dog eating competition. A tough task with a solid line up of contestants.

For those here interested in more active pastimes, the annual Australia day game of cricket was held on a chilly pitch with the occasional snow shower.

After a great day and many laughs, we were treated to a spit roast and BBQ feast overseen by our multi-skilled plant operators and amazing chefs.

Wednesday saw everyone back to business as usual but for one day it was a great chance to celebrate and reflect on how great it is to be part of an Australian Antarctic team.

Until next week…