This week there was entertainment at the station and some renovations reveal ‘treasure’ from 1989!

Casino Royale

This past week saw a great time had by all at the Casey Casino night. Fortunes won and lost on the poker, blackjack and roulette tables, with some dubious dealing from the croupiers thrown in. A few lucky raffle winners took away some great prizes care of our sponsors such as an all–expenses paid trip to Wilkins runway (70km away from Casey), guitar lessons, breakfast in bed and a complimentary coffee at Matty’s ‘It’s Hard to Say Café’.

Music is Life

Down here at Casey one particular interest shared by a few is playing music. Whether it’s getting together for an impromptu jam, knocking out a number or two at our ‘Open Mic’ night, or performing as we did at our midwinter celebration, music is a great medium to help pass those winters nights and inspiring creative juices within. Presently Adam, one of our electricians, is in the throes of learning the illustrious ukulele and he hopes to perform a number or two on ‘Open Mic’ night in the coming weeks. We even managed to persuade our resident doctor Rachel to sing a duet at midwinter.

Bar Reno

Due to the severe blizz conditions all week and Andrew being confined to barracks, a decision was made to partially refurbish Splinters Bar with a new bar top and doors, a job that has been on the books for a while. A little expert assistance was called upon from Danny, Cam and Dean. During dismantling of the original bar, to everyone’s amazement, there sat a time capsule concealed beneath the bar top dated 1989. A suggestion was made to open the capsule at the ‘end of winter’ dinner, which is coming up at the end of August.