This week’s Casey news is from our project plumbers.

A trip to Jack’s Hut

Andy, AJ, Donna, and Kiwi left station for an overnight stay at Jacks Hut. The weather was fine, but very cold at −34°C outside. Jack’s Hut is famous down south for its outside toilet with panoramic views. Digging out the snow was an adventure to find the toilet seat.

A wine and cheese board was enjoyed for late afternoon snacks followed by a sumptuous feast of beef stew. The dishes washed and a long game of 500 brought the night to a close, with the generator keeping the electric heater on. Once again Donna’s ham and cheese toasties made a lovely breakfast, then it was pack up and back to the station for lunch.

The bulldozer goes back to Wilkins

We had another trip to Wilkins Aerodrome last week to take back the recently serviced bulldozer in readiness for the coming summer season. We also brought back the red Hägglunds which had unfortunately broken down on a previous trip. With the bulldozer on the sled behind the tractor, we were ready to go at 8 am. Not far off station we came to a halt as we struck some soft snow and couldn’t get traction on the tractor.

With a few attempts in reverse and some expert driving from Marto, we snaked our way through and on to the hard stuff. A long four hour drive towing the sled got us to Wilkins and within half an hour we had dropped the bulldozer off. To our surprise we even found Danny’s missing hammer, and headed back towards Casey to pick up the red Hägglunds which we passed on the way up. With the Hägglunds loaded on the sled, it was back home in time for tea.


Recently on station it became apparent that while most local penguins have boarded an ice floe and ventured north for the winter, one little bloke has decided to remain behind and see what goes on around here in the coldest months. 

Shifty first started making his presence felt when graffiti started to pop up around station. From there it progressed to cameo appearances at the bar on random nights and showing up in people’s beds and bathrooms. Lately however, Shifty has progressed to become a member of the team and not only socializes with the winter expeditioners but also chips in on station, taking on helpful duties such as safety supervisor for the midwinter swim and coach for our champion darts team. Don’t however make the mistake of holding any trust for Shifty as he remains an unbridled opportunist and doesn’t hesitate to capitalise on situations such as unattended wallets or even valuables left in an unlocked bedroom. 

While Shifty has been having a bonza time relaxing with the Casey crew, he is looking forward to the oncoming summer and taking up residence on nearby Shirley Island where he will await the island’s seasonal penguin community to return from the north. In preparation he has been stockpiling large quantities of pebbles for gifts he plans to shower upon eligible females in a brazen display of his affections. While Shifty doesn’t like to plan too far ahead, he has voiced intentions to spend next winter at Davis station to provide some desperately needed darts coaching.