What a busy week at Casey!

A bit chilly

So another week has passed us by here at Casey, and blow me down with a feather if it wasn’t one of the most action packed weeks seen so far this winter! With the temperatures dropping below −30°C for a few consecutive days the infrastructure team were kept busy keeping the station power, heating and plumbing services running.

The Wilkins crew took a quick trip up to the Wilkins Aerodrome site to check out the state of the runway, buildings and equipment and were pleased to report things are looking just as they were left a few months ago with minimal snow on the runway surface.

SAR exercise

With the need to keep our Search and Rescue (SAR) team skills sharp, a training rescue exercise was carried out through the week. A full station response was simulated for a missing expeditioner. With the temperature still around −30°C the team responded post haste.

First responders located the missing character and provided first aid. Waves of subsequent responders quickly set up retrieval systems and without fuss all were soon back in the Red Shed. From there the Doctor and team of lay surgical assistants were able carry out further treatment, using well honed skills from regular training sessions. Overall a very successful exercise with some valuable lessons learnt.

Midwinter activities

As preparation for midwinter celebrations continued around the clock in the kitchen, the Dieso team hosted Saturday night’s dinner in the mechanical workshop. With a top notch BBQ dinner and pig roasted on the spit impressing all comers, it won’t be long before the mechanical gang are getting requests for another show of skill.

Lastly this week, we here at Casey had the privilege of celebrating midwinters solstice on the continent: a traditional celebration carrying on from Mawson and Shackleton’s heroic Antarctic era of Antarctic exploration over a century ago. Preparations have been underway now for many weeks. Plaques and mementoes have been constructed in the station hobby hut over several weekends, our Chef Donna has worked tirelessly getting our showcase dinner prepared and that’s before all the small tasks that go into making the day a truly memorable occasion. The dining room was decorated, the sea ice swimming hole was prepared, plays and acts were rehearsed and the list is endless. The traditions of a brief dip in the icy waters, an unforgettable feast and a truly unique evening’s entertainment featuring ‘Cinderella’ were all upheld. The festivities enjoyed have created lasting memories.