The proof rolling began at Wilkins despite the weather and the team think pink for cancer awareness.

News from Wilkins

Some inclement weather kept the Wilkins team contained to indoor activities for most of the week — wind and blowing snow meant runway works were postponed for a few days.

Well rested, as soon as the weather made a break the crew were poised to make the most of it, the proof roller was set up and rolling began. The idea of proof rolling is to test the capacity of the ice surface to handle the weight of an aircraft — an important step in having an aircraft land on a glacial runway.

Any areas requiring work are quickly spotted and repaired before setting and being retested, thoroughness is one of the many attributes required for the Wilkins team. Some big days and hard work by all the lads for the completion of this step. Still more work to be done up here before we are ready for summer but spirits are high as the days count down.

Supporting a very worthy cause

Even though we are at the bottom of the earth, in freezing temperatures, and far away from our family and friends, we celebrate Cancer Awareness Day.

Cancer comes in many forms and at one stage another it is likely to affect all of us. We understand the need to show and support this research, to help support people in dealing with cancer, and to find treatment solutions, none of which is lost on Antarctic expeditioners living in such a remote location.

It was pink morning tea at Casey with the chef’s wonderful pink wholesome treats. Lucky for us she baked up plenty and we remembered pink day for the rest of the week.