This week at Casey: 4 December 2015

The summer chefs at Casey are cooking up a storm.

Cooking up a storm at Casey

This week’s news is brought to you by Donna W, Station Chef.

As of last week we have finally gotten our summer chef team together which consists of three awesome ladies that can cook up a storm. Jordan, Kerryn and myself, Donna, are making the most of all that is left from the 2015 winter supply and eagerly awaiting our resupply to arrive around Xmas (a perfect Xmas presents for chefs). A special thanks to Kelly for leaving us in good stead.

At the moment we are cooking for 68 hungry expeditioners and during the season we will peak at around 95 which will make it a very busy season ahead of us.

You might ask, what do we do in our spare time? Well you will find me at the gym: “Healthy body is a healthy mind, means I produce healthy food.” As for Jordan and Kerryn, in their first time to Antarctica, if they are not in the kitchen you will find them outside exploring this amazing place and taking hundreds of photos.

Even though it’s only been our first week together I can tell we are in for a successful season with plenty of clear communication, excellent team work, and most importantly we all have a great sense of humour which is so needed in our work area.

Penguin next to expeditioner’s pack.
Inquisitive penguin, intent on being involved in survival training, walks up to and expeditioner’s pack.
(Photo: Jordan S)
Expeditioners jump for joy at survival training
We survived survival training! Kerryn O, Dainn M, Gavin A, and Jack C celebrate the end of the survival training.
(Photo: Jordan S)
Expeditioners skiing at Casey
Learning to ski, Kathryn M and Belinda R hit the (not so steep) slopes of the Casey ski loop.
(Photo: Jordan S)
A pitcher of murky liquid with a large wooden spoon inside is preceded by tape that reads ‘Feeling average, lemon, honey, cayenne'
Looking after the expos with a chef’s special elixir.
(Photo: Jordan S)
A buffet of healthy foods sits on a bain-marie ready to be served at lunchtime
Doing what they do best — a great lunchtime spread from the ‘chefos'.
(Photo: Jordan S)