Big birthday barbecue and the great Casey meatloaf-off.

Friday drinks and barbecue birthday bash

This week’s station news is brought to you by Col LH, Casey ‘sparkie’ (electrician).

Friday 10 July was a combined traditional Friday drinks, dinner and birthday for yours truly. It was an excellent venue, courtesy of the diesos in their workshop. A barbecue dinner, followed by a birthday cake and a foam blob sharp shooter competition*, rounded out the event.

*Completely harmless, safe, soft foam blob projectile, very much like a children’s foam projectile air pump gun.

Meatloaf mania

Five celebrity chefs stepped up to the plate to cook a meatloaf for Monday night dinner. I sensed a very competitive nature in the Casey 2015 expos, and this cook off was not going to be any cakewalk! This was serious stuff!

Pre-dinner mind games backstage, the Casey kitchen, Granny’s secret sauce recipe and Google were all being unleashed. For the purpose of an un-biased scoring of their dishes, a nom de plume was allotted to each chef:  Hilda, Beatrice, Mable, Gertrude and Angus. We were issued with a card, and six different categories to score. Crikey!

A moment of truth: the score cards came in — an overnight stats analysis — and Benny W brought home the bacon!

Col LH