A field training trip to prepare for some winter traverses.

Traverse training

This week’s news bought to you by Deano.

We have two winter traverses coming up shortly to carry out annual inspections and maintenance on remote weather stations. After calling for volunteers earlier, two teams were picked to carry out the work. The plan is we take a dozer big enough to haul a generator van and an accommodation van — a Hägglunds tracked vehicle to carry personnel, tools and emergency supplies and equipment.

Before embarking everyone was bought up to currency with their field training, conducted by the big fella Tim. This meant an overnight trip away from station and setting up camp in a remote area. After all vehicles, machines and vans were sorted we set off on our little venture (after smoko of course). We arrived at our destination at around thirty minutes after leaving Casey. Camp was struck under the guidance of Jeff H. Three tents were erected for the night and after concurrent training, and a nice hot feed and brew, the chosen ones went down to bed for the night in their tents in minus thirty. Luckily there was very little wind and a good night was enjoyed by all.

After breakfast we packed up and headed back down the hill to Casey. Pretty comfortable really and makes one truly appreciate what those who have gone before us had to endure.