Sushi, saunas and saucy quiz nights at Casey.

The week according to Scotty

To start, here is a quick rehash of some of last week’s events that were missed due to that enthralling article submitted last week about reduced daylight hours and temperature changes. Thanks again to our wonderful Met (meteorology) team.

The week was filled with special social events. We gave Kelly (our awesome chef) a weekend off and she took full advantage of it, relaxing the whole time at Robbos hut well away from station. As the saying goes through, “While the cat’s away, the mice will play”. And play we did! Friday night was kicked off nicely by the magnificent ‘C&N Plumbing’ crew with some drinks down at the tank house. The boys were certainly ‘hosts with the most’, setting up fully functional spa and sauna, nibbles and a small display of their ample equipment. 

The Casey crew then lapped up every delicious crumb of the ‘Frey Bentos Bonanza’ that was on offer. Fray Bentos (a meat pie in a can) is an Antarctic tradition enjoyed by everyone (mostly). Quickly following this was the ‘Great Casey Trivia Night’ which was hosted by a couple of special, professional and good looking blokes who had just turned up for the night. It was soon discovered who the ‘brains trust’ on station were. Sadly, it’s no one from the Met office.

Things really heated up on Saturday, with it being a free for all in the kitchen. We had a few celebrity chefs trying their skills and producing some delicious results, none more so than our ‘firm but fair’ station leader, Pete, and Will the dieso (with the ‘ok beard’). The brunch to order was a real hit as were the afternoon brownies. That night the Casey sushi train, driven by Cathryn (Doc) pulled into station, with some wonderful Japanese tucker.

This weekend just gone was a very quiet affair by comparison due to the ‘Great Blizz of May’. A couple of planned hut trip were cancelled because of a giant blizz tail forming right across the only road off station (or it may have been the late night before). A few did manage to squeeze in an entire ‘Rocky’ movie marathon, and Guy Sebastian’s performance in the Eurovision was enjoyed by most station members. Thanks to the communications team here and at head office in Kingston for organising that show for us.

Just to reassure everyone out there, we did do some work during the week too.