Brownie browsing at Browning Peninsula — a field expedition yields some stunning images.

Brownie browsing at Browning Peninsula

Last week Brownie, The Doc and Tim headed out to Browning peninsula to undertake a variety of maintenance tasks and reconnaissance on future planned works around the peninsula area. Browning peninsula is located SSE of Casey station and is around three and a bit hours journey by Hägglunds following the designated cane line routes.

The trip out was at times a bit rough over the sastrugi which has been building on the plateau over our 2015 winter. In some cases this past winter, new snowfall records have been made and that is evident when travelling around the station operational area. The crew arrived at Browning Peninsula hut late afternoon on day one and settled in for the evening.

The next day was perfect weather for getting out and about. The first job was to travel to Browning repeater station and check the battery over for charge and any possible damage to the solar panels. The climb was high and arduous especially as the Hägglunds could only get us to within 100 feet of the repeater station. But as they say in the classics, the view was well worth the effort.

Antarctica is a pretty cool as they say, and basically on any given day down here you’ll be going about your business when something or some situation will grab your attention and it is then you find yourself pulling up and just going, “Geeze, look at that” or ”How cool is that?!” These moments vary from the most spectacular and awe inspiring to the smaller scale of impressive. Antarctica, hey! Not a bad place at all.