Dentistry for dummies.

Dentistry for dummies

This week’s news is brought to you by Chris M.

So, what do we write about this close to the end of season? The weather? Nah, Rob holds the licence for that one. Science? Nah, Doug did that one. Beards? Nah, don’t want to upset Benny. How about being out-and-about? Nah, think someone’s done that too!

Amateur dentistry? Now there’s a fascinating opportunity to try something new. Volunteers, walk this way. So how does a trainee amateur dentist walk? In ever decreasing circles, of course. Ever tried walking in a straight line with your pockets full of cash? While the amateur dentistry code prevents us from charging for our services, it says nothing about being paid not to go ahead with the treatment just before it starts! Who wouldn’t pay this lot not to do what they were hoping to do?

A fascinating afternoon’s LSA training was spent exploring the intricacies of something most of us have only ever seen from the wrong side of the dental cart. In reality, it’s not too dissimilar from what most of us do for a living.

For me at least, drilling, grinding, sanding, polishing, building formwork and pouring concrete will never be the same again — neither will a trip to the dentist: “Excuse me! I’d use a much smaller drill for a cavity that size!“ Ouch!