Summer science bash sees off the last of the summer expeditioners and an Englishman raises the Aussie flag.

Science celebration

The last weekend for summer had arrived, and with it our last chance to party with our friends from the FOCE project and the other remaining summerers, before they left for home. With that in mind, science was the theme. Who said science has to be boring? All you need is a few costumes, a couple of real scientists and some colourful experiments.

The casey crew are expert costume makers and some colourful creations were soon whipped up out of what’s available. Everyone got into the spirit for another great night to end what has been an awesome season.

Helena B and Nick R gave a colourful science demonstration, educating everyone by relating their experiments to aspects of their work here at Caesy over summer. That had to be one of the best nights at Casey this summer, and a great send off for the FOCE team and others who have shared this place with us.

He now calls Australia home

Our resident ten pound pom, Chris, got all misty eyed recently at the flag raising ceremony for “Commonwealth Day”. Not as you may think, with the Union Jack being hoisted for the day, but at the chance to hoist the flag himself, that of the country he now calls home.

It was quite a moment for the flag marshal Pete and deputy flag marshal Chris, who did the honours and marked a special little moment for our “Aussie in training”, running the Australian flag up the pole alongside the ANARE pennant of course.

Although Chris is not a native Australian, he has an impeccable Antarctic pedigree having spent many seasons with the British Antarctic Survey and now lining up for a winter at Casey. His partner is involved in marine Antarctic research with the CSIRO and his son is currently based at the British Antarctic station, Rothera.

In fact Chris’s Antarctic origins go even further back, with his father working on Massey-Fergusson tractors used by British Antarctic explorers, and his great grandfather developing special fabrics that were deployed on Captain Scott’s expedition.

The flag raising moment was made all the more poignant, as Chris was celebrating his birthday. Happy birthday Chris!