An ‘arts and crafts night’ sees some fabulous work showcased, along with the premiere of Casey’s 48-hour film festival entry and some special ‘Golden Thongs’ awarded, all topped off with a spectacular aurora.

Arts and crafts night

This week’s news bought to you by Gordon T.

There’s never a dull moment at Casey and it is amazing the how the spirit is lifted with the return of the sun.

This week saw the ‘arts and crafts night', where Casey’s budding artists and craftspeople got to showcase their skills. Dean A showed off his amazing cigar box guitars, Grant D displayed his Maori carvings of sharks and fish hooks, Doug M put on an impressive display of rope knots, Gordon T showed off his drawing skills, and lastly Chris M had a very impressive stained glass window on display.

The night moved on to a fantastic dinner by our resident chef, Kelly M, which is always the highlight of the end of week and no small task to prepare. Most of us here are very impressed that each week the dinner is different from the last, and this plays a big part in keeping life interesting here on station.

The night closed with the station gathering in the Odeon theatre for artistic photography and the premiere of the 48–hour film festival movie that Casey made for this year’s entry, wrapping up with the Golden Thong awards. The fantastic efforts of a few special people were recognised for their hard work in producing some very memorable times here on station.

To top it off, this week the sky has given us some of the best displays of auroras for the season, to the delight of those who were brave enough to venture outside in the freezing −25°C night air.