This week’s Casey station news is brought to you by our mascot, Stay. As an expeditioner, Stay has been to every Australian station many times and is an old hat. What does he get up to on a weekly basis?

Dog’s day, Friday

This week’s station news is brought to you by Stay, the Australian Antarctic stations’ mascot presently residing at Casey.


Many people ask what the Casey pack do on the weekends. Well, here is a ‘guide dog’s eye view’ of what the pack get up to, but not before I got the full station news SOP (standard operating procedure) guidelines from Station Leader, Pete.

It’s been a big week for birthdays, with Rob celebrating his 5th birthday (dog years) in style with mud cake and beer. As expected, Rob’s birthday drew a crowd with the night enjoyed by all. 

Friday also marked the semi finals and pointy end of the dart competition on station. While Zac was full of tough talk, he was mauled by Rob’s sharp eye and exited the competition. Shortly after, he almost landed a dart in the forehead of the photographer.

Others took a chance to unwind after a busy week, with myself and Col retreating to the smoker’s kennel to discuss world affairs.

Dear Diary, Saturday was…

Most people don’t realise, but we work a five and a half day week here in Antarctica, with Saturday mornings devoted to regular work, followed by one of the most anticipated meals of the week, Saturday brunch, where everyone enjoys traditional bacon and eggs with all the trimmings.

After brunch, the pack gets stuck into Saturday duties, which involve regular housekeeping jobs to prevent the place becoming like a dog’s breakfast. Mopping stairs, sweeping out the bar, vacuuming the corridors, taking the station rubbish to the incinerator, helping the chef, even cleaning the communal toilets is done by everyone chipping in.

Once all the odd jobs are over, a general relaxed atmosphere prevails on station, and expeditioners are free for the rest of the weekend, and can head off to the field huts for some ‘R&R', or hang around the red shed accommodation unit and relax.

All except the station chef, who is busy preparing the biggest meal of the week for Saturday night’s ‘ding'.

Stay, former plastic guide dog and current stations’ mascot


Saturday’s relaxed atmosphere is usually replaced with near station wide comas as many enjoy a once a week sleep-in.

Meal times are given over to ‘catch and kill’ where everyone helps themselves to the week’s leftovers. Toasted sangas and juicy bones reign supreme as the menu selection of choice.

Lots of the Casey pack jumped on the phone to wish their Mum’s a happy Mother’s Day this weekend, or referred them to the large ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ sign seen from the Casey webcam. Several ‘Caseyites’ are getting some brownie points in early towards a guaranteed Mum-cooked roast dinner on their return from the ice, only five odd months away for many.

For the energetic, there is always something to keep you busy. The hydroponics facility is in full bloom, and requires a steady band of volunteers to keep it ticking over.

Others hit the gym, watch a movie (or 10) or park up with a book before it all starts over on Monday.

It’s a dog’s life on the ice!

Stay, former plastic guide dog and current stations’ mascot