The great Casey curry-off!

The great Casey curry-off

This week’s news is brought to you by Kelly, the chef. 

Well the last weekend before the Wilkins crew headed back up the hill, we at station held a ‘Curry-Off’ with some brave expeditioners venturing into the kitchen to (hopefully) create some curry masterpieces. This was an opportunity for me as the station chef to have a night out of the kitchen, and consider the possibility that my kitchen would never be the same. 

Some competitors took the challenge very seriously, with meats and marinades being made a couple of days before the event. Others left it to the last day, keeping us all entertained with some frantic last minute queries for ingredients, and general mayhem in the kitchen, with different people learning to work around each other all while guarding their recipes. Meanwhile ‘The Wallow’ had been set up as a large tent for the night for us to eat in, and toilet paper was stored in the fridge to cool the possible effects of afterburn.

All the hard work was appreciated, with a range of curries on offer — all tastes and dietary requirements were met. From Tim and Doc with their duckcurry, Pete with lamb curry and homemade naan breads, vegetarian dahl from Chris, curry puffs and selected appetisers from Rob, satay prawns from Will and, last but not least, Neil with curried sausages — all accompanied with spiced chutneys, papadum, pilaf and steamed rice.

There were many comments on what a curry should be, but all in good fun as the curries were judged on four criteria and results were tallied and read out, Will being the night’s winner with the prawns. The other teams were not too far behind though, and a great night was had by all.