A wooden field hut in amongst the green tussock grass

Accommodation options on the Green Sponge Read more

View from the top of a grassy hill, back towards the station amidst the blue sea

Words of wisdom from a newcomer Read more

A group of people on the waterfront help guide a small red boat to shore

Goodbye old friends and welcome new members of the Macca family Read more

People in a red rubber boat being pulled up the beach by a green tractor

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King penguin over looks the creche of chicks

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Two orcas moving through the water heading out to sea

Heading home from the "green sponge" Read more

Map of Macquarie Island showing the numbered areas for the census

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Panoramic shot of a mountain taken from across the plains

Peak breeding season arrives at Macca Read more

A yellow tent sits to the side of a rough wooden boardwalk on a hill with two people sitting down.

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Two medallions and a printed patch on a hand made Huon pine stand

Creative carpentry on show Read more

A long row of elephant seals in a muddy wallow

Elephant seals take over Macca Read more

A leopard seal on the beach heading in to the sea as a wave breaks on the sand

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Looking over the station buildings to the sunset and dramatic grey clouds

How lucky are we to be here? Read more

Two squabbling seals on a beach, one with its mouth wide open showing its teeth

A charity auction sparks a period of artistic genius Read more

Birthday gifts on a table, together with a post-it note that reads "just because you escaped for your birthday does not mean you escape a birthday surprise - Happy hut birthday".

An expeditioner gets poetic about her meal times Read more

A smiling group of expeditioners pose during a mid winter celebratory dinner

The people who make the island a home Read more

A spectacular snow dusted view across the mountains.  A man stands at the highest point looking out across the amazing landscape.

A definition of island time Read more

A fancy menu to celebrate midwinter detailing starters, entree, palette cleanser, main course , dessert and cheese platter

Midwinter’s dinner menu musings Read more

A group of fur seals on the rocks.  Two large males at the centre of the image.

Seals of the sub-Antarctic Read more

A  snowy landscape with a deep snowdrift of pristine snow at the centre

An expeditioner's guide to sub-Antarctic diction Read more

A king penguin peers into the camera lens.  Behind are other penguins and an expeditioner crouched in the middle.

Sporting colour to brighten people's spirits Read more

A map of Macquarie Island with a red line showing the route of a trek

How to cover 91 kms of walking on the Big Green Sponge. Read more

Four penguins, against the backdrop of the ocean at sunset, nest in some green tussocks

The preparation and fun of Midwinter celebrations Read more

Two people playing a dice game, one pointing to a row of 5 dice all showing the number 4

Sub-Antarctic Yhatzee rivalry Read more

A rainbow in the sky above a green hill, with waves on the shore in the foreground

A sparky tells us about his 'emotional' weather experiences Read more

A man in all weather gear and a backpack stands on the snowy ridge of a mountain.  The sea and another snow capped mountain can be seen in the background.

Ridding the island of unwanted waste Read more

Two men sit next to a hole they have dug in to the grassy hillside.  One is lowering a seismometer in to the hole as both smile to camera.

It's citizen science time for the team at Macca. Read more

Storm clouds gather over a shoreline. Petrels and sea lions can be seen in the shallow water.

A poetic tale of life on an island Read more

A quad bike on station with its path blocked by sleeping elephant seals

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A group of brightly dressed expedtioners on a tussock covered hill all joined together by ropes

A few sojourns off station keep the expeditioners busy. Read more

A man in bright yellow cold weather clothing, gloves and a bright hat holds his hands up to camera and smiles

The station 'celebrity' chef tells all about life on station Read more

A field hut in the green tussocks of the hillside with a colony of penguins on the beach below

A never to be forgotten trip out to the far reaches of Macca Read more

A graphic of an albatros flying over an island and sea with Macquarie Island and it's latitude and longitude written on a banner across the middle.  The words 74th ANARE are also typed at the bottom of the image.

What exactly do we do down here? Read more

A group of elephant seals lying on the beach

The Doctor's perspective of Macquarie Island Read more

Four expeditioners pose outside the office

Field training underway at Macquarie Island Read more

An expeditioner stands on a grassy hill surrounded by sea.  Two large birds can be seen flying just of the shore.

Where’s Brian, Macca brewing and grey petrel monitoring Read more

A small fur seal sits on a tussock facing the camera

Settling in to the new normal Read more

A red and white supply ship sitting in the sea with a small IRB vessel visible just of the hull

Refuel, resupply and International Women's Day Read more

A red and white ship sits on the water jsut off shore.  A larc boat is being lowered into the water of the side of the ship.

The population more than doubles with the new arrivals Read more

A large shed with astro turf flooring, containing dining tables set with white table cloths and 5 loungers

Ensuring COVID safety and a meet and greet with a plumber Read more

A red wall with a wooden framed photograph in the middle showing a green Aurora Australis in the sky and the lights of a boat on the water

Expeditioners get clever to create more space on their busy walls Read more

Selfie of 2 expeditioners

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Orca in bay infront of station fuel tanks with station name

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Coloured sky with view of the island

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An expeditioner sits in front of the legacy digesters, large rusting metal barrels.  A seal lies to the side and an albatross sits just in front

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Two royal penguins embracing in a hug with their heads

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A bright green Aurora in the night sky

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